How Much Does It Cost to Get Started in a Hair Salon?

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How much does it cost for your hair to be done at Walmart? There are many options when considering where to get your hair cut. You can also decide if you want a professional or semi-professional haircut. The pricing is not the only consideration either. Where do you live? Is the hair salon located near your home? If you leave in California then your best option is Balayage San Francisco.

We have put together a price list for all the popular hair salons located inside and around Walmart. The prices listed are from the total price of the hairstyle to include tax and shipping. Prices vary according to location.

Hair Color: Most salons offer a basic hair coloring service for black, brown, red, and blue hair colors. You can also choose from special hair color and foil highlights services. Many of these same services will also include free hair trim, shampoo, and conditioner. Prices for basic hair colors start at $5.00.

Hair Cut: All salons have a variety of haircuts including cuts with layers, short styles, long styles, razor cut, and classic style. Prices vary according to the type of haircut you have chosen. Prices for haircuts start at $5.00. Ask the stylist what types of cut she offers. Some salons offer free haircuts with purchases.

Sauna: Most salons offer hot stone and steam soak as part of their hair salon services. They can add a hint of elegance and fun to your style. Prices vary according to the type of soak you get. Ask the stylist what types of soaks are included in her menu.

Toner, Conditioner, Foam: Some salons feature a full-service moisturizing program. Others will have a smaller menu with mostly toners and conditioners. Prices range according to the type of moisturizing program. Many of these same products are offered on the same shelves at grocery stores.

Express Hair Cut: Many women need an instant facial and scalp massage. A semi-permanent “highlight” is applied to parts of the head and face. You may also be able to choose a “side-to-side” or “armpit” style. These are cheaper prices than the permanent “express” haircut. Ask the customer service representative what haircut options are available at the salon.

Waxing: Many women find waxing appealing because it feels good. However, it can be quite expensive. Salons offering this service do not offer the traditional strip, pomade or hot wax products. Instead, they have a few select high-end products that are similar to those found in salons for perms, colored hair, and highlights but cost much less. The salon will most likely require you to bring your own hair, towels, soft-bristled toothbrush, and wax, if applicable.

Hair Color Salon: Similar to a waxing salon, hair coloring is a service that is not widely available to every hairstylist. A hair coloring center offers only a few shades of hair coloring at reasonable prices. Ask how much does it cost to get started at one of these facilities. Salons that offer this service may require you to bring a hairbrush and a tube of hair dye.

Other additional services offered by hair salons include hairstyling, manicures and pedicures, hair coloring, and microdermaintenance. The price for each of these additional services will vary according to the salon’s menu. Make sure to ask the customer service representative which additional services are offered for the additional price.

Once you understand how much does it cost to get started in a hair salon, make sure to take advantage of the promotional prices and specials the salon offers its new customers. Many salons offer free haircuts after customers have been to the salon twice. If there is not a specific promo or price list published on the salon’s website, call the salon and ask if they have any specials they are offering to their new clients.

You can also find hair salon services listed online. Most reputable salons will have an online presence where they post prices and services listings. Call up each salon on the list to inquire about pricing and service availability. Prices online can be up to 20% lower than the posted prices. It is important to remember that prices listed online do not always represent the final price you will pay.