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Jeep Bumper Options

Bumpers can be an important piece of off-road equipment. Jeep’s bumper also has a big impact on the overall appearance of your Jeep. Wrangler bumpers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are better for specific uses than others.

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Stubby bumpers are a great option for those who like to run bigger tires or want extra ground clearance. They are shorter than tubular bumpers and spread as wide as the grille, allowing for easier tire installation. They also offer some of the best approach and departure angles available in a bumper. They can be heavier than tubular bumpers, which makes them a good choice for mounting recovery equipment such as shackles and winch hooks.

Warn’s Front Stubby Crawler Bumper is an affordable option for those who want to get the most out of their Jeep in the off-road world. EAG’s Front Stubby Bumper fits all 1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler, TJ, and YJ models and is made from 5/32 inch cold rolled steel sheet and 2 x 0.120 inch heavy duty steel tubing for enhanced off road tolerance, strength, and durability. It has a built in winch plate that can support up to 12,000 pounds and a textured black powder coat finish for corrosion resistance. It has welded shackle mounts for extra recovery points and is designed to accept a full size winch.

A full width bumper is designed to offer a comprehensive level of protection for your Jeep. Not only does it protect the front of your tires, but the bumper spans the entire width of your Jeep to protect vital suspension components from direct collisions.

This is a great option for those who want to add a little extra protection to their Jeep while off-roading. The full width design improves your approach angles, clears larger diameter tires and easily bolts onto the factory bumper mounts without any drilling or cutting required. Full width bumpers are generally made of steel to offer a more robust and durable solution. They also have added features like winch plates and D-ring mounts for easy recovery.

Modular bumpers are a great option for those looking to customize the front bumper of their Jeep Wrangler. They allow you to customize the width of your bumper and add additional accessories like bull bars and light mounting tabs. These bumpers are made from high-quality steel and can accommodate up to a 12,000 pound winch. They are also very easy to install.

Another nice feature is that they can accept your factory fog lights. This is a feature that you don’t get on many other bumpers. In addition to the bumpers mentioned above, Rugged Ridge offers their All Terrain Modular Bumper as well. It is a bit less expensive than their XHD version, but it still has a lot of different options for you to customize your bumper.

Tubular hoops add protection to your grille and radiator, while also offering a place to mount lights. They can be bolted-on or welded on, and some are even a cover plate option. When looking for a Jeep bumper, it is important to prioritize features that are most important to you. You want one that will stand up to off-road use, but it should also look good.

A tubular bumper offers a classic off-road design that will complement your truck and protect it from brush, rocks, and other trail hazards. It also allows you to install a winch, if you choose. Tubular bumpers are available in a variety of styles and finishes, including stainless steel. They are custom crafted to fit your Jeep and robotically welded for extreme durability on the road or off.

A sun visor is a great way to improve your visibility and prevent burnt fingers. They also reduce UV rays from damaging your expensive interior upholstery. The best ones feature collapsible reflective blades that fold down neatly when not in use. They are a must have in any custom truck owner’s closet.

Using the right materials, they can last a lifetime and be used for a variety of purposes, such as enhancing your vision or adding a splash of style to your ride. A good visor will also keep you cool in the summer.

The best way to find a visor that is made for your specific vehicle is to consult the manufacturer’s specifications. They will be able to provide you with the best match for your needs, which may be an even better solution than the one that came on the factory assembly line.